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Β How to buy.

-Press Connect Wallet .
-Scroll down and select your wallet .
-At “Buy Tokens” input amount you want to buy.
-Press Approve .
Confirm the transaction on metamask.

-Press Buy Tokens .Confirm the transaction on metamask.

You can claim your First Stage token here

Third Stage

AstroBonk (ABONK) Token Sale

AstroBonk (ABONK)

Do not send funds to the token address!

πŸ€‘ An inspirational path to potential profits. AstroBonk is a community token. $ABONK turns your ideas into $$$ πŸ”₯ AUDITED by βœ… Welcome to the next 1000x meme! βœ… 0% Buy&Sell Fee πŸ“ˆ CEX Listing βœ… No Team Tokens πŸ”₯Huge marketing plans πŸ’Ž The Ultimate Ticket to the Moon πŸš€JOIN US NOW πŸš€ . Second stage 1 ABONK = 0.0012 USDT ,Third Stage 1ABONK = 0.0013 USDT . Listing price will be 0.0014 USDT .

Token sale info

Min. investment: 15 USDT
Max. investment: 1000 USDT
Start: 2024-07-02
End: 2024-08-31
59 days 23 hours 0 minutes
Tokens are sent to investors instantly when they invest
Token sale contract: 0x00087eC09398a4FA6e3F0Aa1a5a75F7657F53b91 
Do not send funds or tokens directly to the token sale contract! Use this UI to buy tokens properly.

Token sale status

Loading status...

Raised:   USDT

1 ABONK = 0.0013 USDT
You will get: ... ABONK
Min: 15 USDT
Max: 1000 USDT

My tokens

Referral program

Referral commission: 10%

Share your referral link and earn free USDT


Your referral earnings: USDT

USDT are added to your referral balance, you can claim them when tokens claim is open

Investor's wallet must be different from referrer's wallet otherwise commission is not paid (you can't refer yourself)